Smoke gets in your eyes

Burning of grass cuttings, old branches, fronds and ferns, weeds etc  in progress

Yellow Penda in CU
 There is no rain today,which is exceptional for Kuching.  I say this because it rains almost daily in Kuching especially after 4 pm.  It is speculated that the remaining months of this year the rains in Kuching (and Sarawak in general) will be heavier with the coming of El Nina, starting just now!. The small window of opportunity accorded me this afternoon made me rush to carry out much needed garden cleaning up works and later quickly made the debris disappear in smoke.  Project completed!
After everything looked fine, I zoomed my camera lens to the green canopy.  Focus on the lower story, then middle story and finally a picture of the garden in LS (long shot). Below are the images of the garden today ,17 May'16.

Long shot view of the greenery
Note the flowering Yellow Penda tree (Xanthostemon chrysantus)

Lower story
Note the grass lawn that has just been given a low cutting.

Middle story - in the center of the picture is the Yellow Penda tree


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