Common birds in greener Kuching

White-breasted Waterhen

Pink-necked Pigeon

 On this trip many garden birds came to visit the garden with a few building homes. The Chestnut Munia, White-breasted Waterhen and the Pink-necked Pigeons are already claiming the status of permanent resident of the garden.  The environment must have been very conducive lately to have influenced them to make the garden a place called home.  On the sidelines, the daily visits of the White-breasted Woodswallow, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Brown-throated Sunbird, Peaceful Dove  and the Long-tailed Shrike are a constant reminder that the common garden birds of Kuching are here to stay.  Sighting these garden birds makes gardening in urban Kuching a delight and purposeful or meaningful.  Residential areas will become more appealing places to live as they help restore the natural environment for birds.  In this manner, a little step of creating home gardens come a long way towards building a greener and lively city jungle environments.

Long-tailed Shrike
Yellow-vented Bulbul

Brown-throated Sunbird
Peaceful Dove
Chestnut Munia

View of the Kambatik garden, Jan'17

View of the Kambatik garden, Jan'17


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