A garden oasis at home.

The Kambatik garden is an oasis of love and care, heritage and survival.
View of back garden, Kuching, 21/3/17.

 Columns of greenery. Colourful foliages. Flowers of all shapes and colours.  These are the characteristics of a Malaysian garden.  Bonuses come in the form of edible fruits, wildlife, shade, and many exercise.  There's unending agenda of change and renovation to be carried out as the garden grows.  What I love about the garden now is its maturity.  All the previous efforts culminate in today's joy, the pleasure of cool comfort, the natural touch of leaves, trunks and branches, inspirational and quality time working or walking in the garden. The Malaysian garden is a living oasis of love and care, heritage and survival.  Every Malaysian can do it as I have done.  Remember the word "IMPOSSIBLE" ? No, but....I'm Possible.
The Cassia alata shrub at the foreground.  Behind is the Carpentaria palm.

Front garden - Colours from flowers, trunks and leaves

Front garden, 21 March, 2017.


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