Bulbuls are at home here

A pair of Yellow-vented Bulbul having rest on the Eugenia oleina branch
The Yellow-vented Bulbul is a resident of the garden .  A few species of birds have found the garden a comfortable place to build home.  Those happy to build homes here are the Chestnut Munia (Pipit), Spotted-necked Dove (Tekukur), Olive-backed Sunbird and the Yellow-vented Bulbul.  From early morning to sunset we will not fail to hear their various calls.  Wildlife is an essential element and litmus test for the Kambatik garden.

( Note:  This is a posting from my Gardening projects blog.  For full sotory and images, please follow this link ...>>>http://mygardeningprojects.blogspot.my/2015/06/bulbuls-are-at-home-here.html )


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