Saturday, June 20, 2020

The garden upstairs

.The garden upstairs.

Counting the days before going back to Bintulu.
A few things about the garden need to be checked. The tall trees need to be trimmed shorter and branches pruned. Some vines that are scrambling up the trees need to be cut as well.
The trees are a welcome retreat in our hot and humid tropical climate.
Every morning I would scale the volumes of greenery in all its shades to refresh my eyes. This simple technique of looking at green leaves every morning is good therapy for my eyes.

( Note: This story is a re-post from my FB, dated 20th June'20.)

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Main garden progress as at 25 May, 2020.

The main garden with fruit trees e.g. Cononut, Starfruit, Kedondong, longans etc..
View as at 25 May ,2020.

Burnign spot at the Main garden.
 The main garden is the middle garden. Two sections are relevant.  First the area in the middle where the big trees especially the fruit trees are planted. Second, there is the area next to the car porch planted with palms, flowering shrubs and covers.
The heliconia species are doing well and top on the list are the Heliconia latispatha and Red Lobster's Claw.
The main garden is a place of shade and also a burning spot.
The Staghorn fern is doing well, so are the Ivora shrubs.
Red Golden Penda.

Heliconia Red Lobster's Claw.

Heliconia latispatha.

Staghorn fern

Progress of Back Garden in May, 2020.

Back garden as at 24 May,2020.
 The works at improving the back garden has been done gradually over the extended holidays due to the COVID-19 lockdown. There is plenty of time.
One interesting feature is the use of small boulders around the planting beds.  These boulders are moved from other places in the garden.
I intend to plant more vegetables inside the planting beds at the back garden e.g. Kangkong, Cekur Manis and some useful herbs like Serai.