Kuching garden in November'15

Pink to light purple bracts of the Congea velutina

I feel very contented with the progress of the Kuching in November.  The curtain of pink to purple bracts of the Congea velutina provides a permanent wash of appealing pastel colours to the garden. Most plants have matured attaining heights that provide shade and home to the birds.  The latest regular visitor to the garden amazingly is the Pink-necked Green pigeon.  I saw a pair of them perching at the Poui tree (Tabebuia rosea) and then to the Eugenia oleina tree to collect the twigs from the latter for making its nest.  The front side garden is forever perfumed by the scented white flowers Great Frangipani (Plumeria obtusa).  The three Foxtail palm(Wodyetia bifurcata) have grown taller than me and begin to display its characteristic 'foxtail' fronds.

( Note: This is a re-posting from another blog ' my Gardening Projects'.  For full story and images, please follow this link...>>>>http://mygardeningprojects.blogspot.my/2015/12/the-kuching-garden-in-november15.html )


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