A grasshopper munching away the hibiscus pistil

A grasshopper at the Red Hibiscus flower

 On the third day, I checked out the garden early to see any signs of interesting wildlife.  A grasshopper was seen at the tip of the Red Hibiscus flower apparently munching  away the pistil section of the flower.  Next, two birds species namely the Sunbird and the Bulbul were seen perching at the Tabebuia rosea branches.  Though I could see the presence of the Little Green Pigeon and the Pied Fantail I couldn't snap a picture of them.  Probably I would have to wait for another day, especially for the Pied Fantail.  Of the butterfly species, I could only managed to spot the Great Eggfly.  Hopefully, more species of birds, insects and butterflies will be met in the next few days.
Yellow-vented Bulbul

Great Eggfly on the leaf of the Congea velutina


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