Making our life buzzing

A hibiscus hybrid blooming at the front garden

 Learning nature studies is so neat and real these days with google and the internet.  I just type 'parts of the hibiscus flower' and in seconds I'm brought back to my early school days of the 60's when we had to draw and name the parts of a hibiscus flower.  Now with libraries of images learning is so much fun. This allows for fast track self-learning too. Why wasn't the internet created in the 60's? Learning would have been much fun then.  But for us who are still alive learning through the internet is the best thing that money can buy and the best thing to keep our remaining life buzzing.....
Source: Just google 'parts of a hibiscus flower'

Source: Just google 'parts of a hibiscus flower'

The Red Hisbiscus or 'Bunga Raya' in Malay - the national flower of Malaysia
View from the kitchen.


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