New bird sighted in the garden

Pied Fantail (Rhipidura javanica) on the Poui branch
Location : Side garden
 I have not seen the Kuching birds namely the Pied Triller and the Long-tailed Shrike visiting the garden yet. However, the new sighting of the Pied Fantail makes up for their absence.  This is the first time that the bird is seen visiting the place.  I noticed that it comes here with its mate, dropping very early in the morning and occasionally would re-visit the place in the late afternoon.  It is a nervous and panicky bird with a suicidal behaviour. I mean it will not stay still for long and would attempt to drop several branches down in suicidal fashion.  It utters a clear whistle that is fair to the ears. Oh, by the way, its suicidal behaviour has made the Malays call this bird " Murai Gila"! ( "Gila" means mad or crazy.)


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