Enthralled by the colours of nature

One can be easily enthralled upon seeing a multi-coloured hibiscus

 I am extremely enthralled to see the flowers in the garden.  They come in a diverse range of colours and the tones,contrast, tint and combinations of all these makes me delighted to observe the workings of nature.  Even in a small garden space in town nature seems to offer unlimited wonders, albeit with a little effort from us.  The orange tinted hibiscus with an inner core of pink shades surrounded by a glorious variation of orange to yellow colours gives a soft but happy image. This is in contrast with the strong red colours of the ixora that dot the garden with brightness and vivid life.  The composite bluish purple colours of the 'Seribu Bahasa' gives a royal and mystic  touch to the place.  The long drooping curtain of Congea velutina purple bracts connects the ground with the top canopy of trees making the garden space look like a wall painting that never cease to stimulate our senses and intellect.
Ixoras dot the garden with vivid life

Pink to purple bracts of the Congea velutina

The long and drooping curtain of Congea velitina makes the garden space like a wall painting


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