Perching on the Poui tree

In late afternoon I encountered two birds that dropped by the 'Poui' (Tabebuia rosea)  tree at the back garden.  The tree has grown very tall over the years, taller than the yellow bamboo clump nearby.  I observed that the Pink-necked Pigeon has a nest at the bamboo clump and before it enters the nest would perch at the Poui branch.  The environment afforded by the dense bamboo clump and columns of leaves and branches have attracted many species of birds not only to build nest but also as source of food and playground.  The pigeon was joined later by the Olive-backed Sunbird which was intent to attract its mate by the continuous calls.  There is a fruiting Carpentaria palm next to the Poui tree and it has been observed that the Pink-necked Pigeon do have a liking to its ripe fruits.

Female of the Olive-backed Sunbird, looking for its mate

A fruiting Carpentaria palm located next to the Poui tree

Ripe fruits of the Carpentaria palm.


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