The Foxtail palm in semi-mature form

Foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) to help provide the exotic tropical  look.

Red Sealing Wax palm
(Queen of Sarawak Palm) grow in clumps
at front garden. 
 It is of no mention that in any Kambatik garden (Malaysian garden) there must be some sight of a palm tree or many.  True to the concept of the Malaysian garden I have planted various species of palms in the garden to exude the exotic tropical look.  Of course the Queen of Sarawak palms is the Red Sealing Wax palm or Pinang Lakka according to some quarters.  Yes, we have a good number of them in the garden for the colourful red to orange crown shafts they brilliantly show.  A late introduction in the garden is the Foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) which is not a native palm but nevertheless attractive for its compound feather-like  and fish-tailed leaves. The three trees planted here are semi-mature and it would take a couple of years for them to produce flowers or inflorescences.  There are solitary palms grown in the garden from seeds, thus there is no  material cost involved.  The Red Sealing Wax palm on the other hand has a clumpy habit with side shoots that grow uninterrupted.
A Foxtail palm in semi-mature form amidst garden greenery.

Sets of compound feather-like leaves resembling fox tail with several fish-tail leaflets.


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