Strong wings and an outstanding white breast

White-breasted Woodswallow

 This morning I feel strong because of a bird.  I have seen the White-breasted Woodswallow in many towns throughout Sarawak, preferring the overhead electric supply lines as their favourite perch. Its  stout body  is an icon of strength and agility.  I saw one perching next to the side garden this morning and for a brief moment did not notice my presence.  A small group of three were about the garden area and nearby electric posts to prey on insects.  At one occasion I noticed one of them making sorties to the ground and even rested on the lawn hopping and chasing the insects. I love these birds for their swift wings, grey body and an outstanding white breast.  Being swallows their flights are exceptionally acrobatic, targeted and pleasant to watch.  This bird now is very commonly seen at this housing estate and for that reason I have no qualms to include it in the list of common garden birds of Sarawak.

For a moment the bird was oblivious to my presence below.

The Great Frangipani (Plumeria obtusa) flowering well in the garden this morning.


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