The garden palms

The Carpentaria palm heavily fruiting at the front side garden. At right, partly seen is the Pinang Lakka

Sea Cycas or Cycas rumphii
 The Malaysian garden is nothing without palms of which the Pinang Lakka or Red-Sealing Wax palm (Cyrtostachys renda) is queen of them all. The Kuching garden is sufficiently covered at many spaces with this palm and many others as well.  A well-deserved palm to be planted in any Malaysian garden is the Sea Cycas (Cycas rumphii) which exhibit rigid feather-like leaves.  It grows well at coastal locations in Sarawak.  At the front porch is located the Butterfly Palm, variously called as Golden  Cane Palm, or simply Yellow palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens).  This palm is appealing for its slender leaves and stems that bend gently in the breeze.  A recent  import to the garden is the Foxtail palm ( Wodyetia bifurcata) which is somehow famed for its pretty  'fox-like' tail fronds, planted initially from seeds I collected from friends.  The three specimens in the garden are growing well and are about twice the human height already.  Finally is the planting list of palm species in garden here is the Coconut palm which every human in this planet is familiar with,  I planted the tree mainly for its fruits which are just starting to form after the flowering last month.  Truly I really enjoy the garden for its palms.
At left are the fruits of the Carpentaria palm and at right the attractive leaf sheaths or crown shafts of the Pinang Lakka.

At left is the Golden Cane Palm (Chrysalidocapus lutescens) with slender leaves and stems

A row of Foxtail palm planted closer to the house, with tall Carpentaria palm in the background. 

A collection of sorts with the Butterfly palm at left and the Pinang Lakka at right.

The Coconut palm at the side garden.  The picture is taken today when I did some 'smoking' to the garden.


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