Chestnut Munia are abuzz

Chestnut Munia  roosting atop the Yellow Bamboo clump near the front porch.

  They zoom in and out of the bamboo clump next to the front porch hurriedly.  I noticed a small group of about 5 - 6 birds are currently busy building nests in the safety of the bamboo clump. These Chestnut Munia birds year in and  year out have found three such bamboo clumps in the garden as natural habitat for their nests.  I love these birds for their black hoods and well-groomed feathers.  Their deep brown body is very delightful to watch for the colour resembles tasty chocolates. Their stout, short and strong beaks are a great contrast to its black hood.  The beaks are apparently made for eating grass seeds.  These birds has been a permanent feature of the garden.


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