Kuching escapade - Mar'17

Scented flowers of the Drunken Sailor (Quisqualis indica)
Syn: Combretum indicum

 Checking out the garden early this morning.  Woke up to the surprise calls and whistles of the wild pigeons up on the Tabebuia rosea tree branches.  They have not left the garden.  These Pink-necked Pigeons have accustomed themselves to living in the garden.  Since the last visit in January this year, many were seen building nest at the Yellow Bamboo clumps and the Ong Lumok tree. Thank goodness this visit has further confirmed that these pigeons find safety in the garden. Some plants worth noting this morning are the beautiful variegated leaves of the Cordyline terminalis, both in red and cream/green variants, a spray of purple orchid and the scented flowers of the Quisqualis indica (Drunken Sailor).
Cream/Green variegated leaves of the Cordyline terminalis in the background, with new pinkish leaves of Pawas (Litsea cubeba) at the foreground.
For images of the Daun Pawas please watch them at the Kambatik Park in Bintulu here.

Cordyline terminalis 'Fire brand'


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