Zooming in at the Pink-necked Pigeon

I saw one Pink-necked Pigeon perched on the tall "Poui" tree (Tabebuia rosea) at the back garden this afternoon.  I was about 50 meters away.  I heard its whistling call and soon another male bird joined it.  I did not see any female of the species at today's sighting.  Now it seems customary for them to gather at the Poui tree at the start of day and in the evening before sunset. This is one beautiful bird that decided to call the garden its home.  Over the years I noticed that its preferred areas  for making nests are on the branches of the 'Ong Lumok' (Artocarpus odoratissimus) tree and Yellow Bamboo clump nearby the Poui tree.  The planting of tall trees in the Kambatik garden is essential if you want to attract these lovely birds to make home in your garden.  This fact has been proven many times over at the Kambatik garden here in Kuching.  This is one of the highlights of gardening the Kambatik way.   Here wildlife is most welcomed.


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