The Pied Triller is nesting.

 It has been a while that I haven't blogged on the garden.  On this visit (which started on 17th of March),  I had the opportunity today to do some clearing works which is long overdue.  After being away for more than two months the garden must have been very quiet that certain birds have decided to come and stay put here to conveniently build its nest with confidence.  By a stroke of good luck,  the Pied Triller had decided to build its nest on a branch of the Poui tree (Tabebuia rosea).  This is the first time ever that the bird is seen building a nest in the garden and this fact alone makes me realise the beauty of the garden.  The garden to me is already very matured.  Today's sighting will therefore enable me to become close and personal with the Pied Triller for the next few days of our stay.  I pray that the bird will stay longer here so that it will successfully hatch its egg, if any.  Well, that would be a great surprise, isn't it?  I am looking forward to the days ahead.  Here are some shots taken late this afternoon. 
Pied Triller at its nest built on a Poui branch.

The evening sun rays hitting on the branches of the Plumeria obtusa tree.

View of the middle section of the garden.

A section of the back garden.


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