The Pied Triller's eggs

Eggs of the Pied Triller

Sitting pretty on its nest
 The challenge that I put myself was how to reach the Pied Triller's nest in order to see what's inside it?  I then decided to fix my cell phone at the end of a long bamboo pole.  The pole enabled  me to hoover the cell phone just above the nest.  Surprise! It was a most beautiful moment when I froze one frame of the video showing indeed two eggs inside the nest.  This is a lifer for me.
My next project is to lift the pole again when I see clear signs that the eggs are hatched. This may take a bit of time as I'm not sure when it will hatch it eggs, if ever it do.  Time will tell.
Below are more pictures of the Pied Triller.
Pied Triller next to its nest

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Pied Triller in flight


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